Your Wedding Day Tips

SAVE for your wedding day and tag the person getting you dressed on your special day:
  • Ensure the floor is CLEAN before laying your dress down
  • STEP into the dress with bare feet unless not possible due to dress fit/styling
  • Ensure the dress WAIST point is sitting in the correct place on the body before proceeding to do up the fastenings
  •  Bride can hold the dress at the waist and gently EASE the dress round to the back whilst it’s being done up.
  • AVOID the dreaded ‘back bum’ by putting your palm or fingers inside the back of the dress and smoothing the skin outwards.
  • Allow plenty of TIME to put on your dress, your Hair & Make up team will generally assist in coordinating timing for this. Not only does it take longer than you think but you also want to allow time to ‘settle into the dress’, adjusting if necessary.
It’s a good idea to bring the person who will be dressing you to your final fitting as your fitter will go through any specifics of putting on your dress in that appointment.
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