Who should I bring with me to my bridal appointment

Who should I bring with me to my bridal appointment?

The answer is: everyone is different. Some brides choose to come by themselves, some come with their mother, and some choose to bring all of their bridesmaids, their mother and mother-in-law. Our advice would be to bring the most trusted people with you; someone who will support you, value your opinion and listen to your feedback with respect and love!

We would say you could even attend your first bridal appointment by yourself. You can come and try on different styles of dresses; see what suits your body shape and see what dresses you find comfortable to move in. If you know that your best friend or your family member may have strong opinions on your choice of dress or a completely different taste in fashion than you, maybe bring them to you follow up appointment where you have already narrowed down your favourite dresses to two or three that you love and then they can help you choose the one.

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