The process of narrowing down bridal gowns and finding the one

The process of narrowing down bridal gowns and finding the one

Firstly, when you come to your bridal appointment your bridal stylists will show you our full bridal collection. Then they will show you each style that you have selected before your bridal appointment and talk to you about different colour and fabric options that are available for each selected gown. Some bridal gowns can be ordered with a lined or unlined bodice, with or without glitter tulle, with or without a slit skirt and in a traditional or in an unusual colour.

We will give you time to look around and make sure you have different styles selected. Normally we encourage brides to try completely different styles, necklines, fabrics to find what suits and what you like and dislike. Then you will try on your selected gowns. Usually, we will try on 8-10 gowns during a bridal appointment and leave ten or fifteen minutes at the end of the appointment to try your 2-3 favourites back on and take photos.

When you will try on each gown, try to think if you find it comfortable, its weight and volume and the feel of its fabric. Ask yourself: are the straps/sleeves comfortable? Is the bodice of the gown supportive enough? Can you wear this dress all day on your wedding day? Can you dance, walk, or sit down in it?

Make sure to try on your favourite gowns back on at the end of appointment with a veil and accessories to give you a full picture. You can walk around the shop and look in different mirrors, you can also try to sit down in it. Don’t worry that most of the gowns have long trains they can be clipped up at the back before you will go on the dance floor on your wedding day.

Our advice: Try to be decisive enough about each gown but don’t overthink it! If you don’t like a gown, just say it – it will make the narrowing down process much easier for you and your stylist. We normally say that you only need one gown for your wedding so don’t worry about eliminating several gowns during your appointment. When you will narrow them down to 2-3 gowns, try to imagine yourself walking down the isle and wearing one of these gowns; which one can you picture yourself in? Which one will you regret not wearing? Which one makes you happy and makes you feel like you are getting married?

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