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Headpieces and Belts



The Poirier Company was founded in 1990. "We started to develop bridal body wear and accessories for the contemporary bride. By focusing only on using the best designs and materials our mission is to make the bride as beautiful as possible. As we put all our love and effort into the development, production and marketing of our collections, we turned the product into an emotion."

You can order any of the items from Poirier collection in our boutique. We also have a selection of accessories available to try on and purchase. You can browse their collection here


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La Sposa

La Sposa it's not just about the dress, it's also about the entire bridal ensemble for your big day. In addition to exquisite wedding dresses, La Sposa crafts its own line of spectacularly beautiful veils, headpieces and bridal jackets (frequently pictured with the gowns) to coordinate beautifully with the dress of your dreams.

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  • La Sposa T2-2558La Sposa T2-2558
  • La Sposa T20-2437La Sposa T20-2437
  • La Sposa T20-2556La Sposa T20-2556
  • La Sposa T9-2401La Sposa T9-2401
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Halo & Co.

Halo & Co is (PERFECT WEDDING AWARDS 2013) at the heart of beauty through design. Now entering our 20th year Halo & Co is world recognized as practitioners of the finest quality wedding jewellery accessories.

We at Halo & Co are not only able to observe the fluctuating trend of wedding accessories but continue to lead the market with new and innovative ideas and creations. A famous for Halo & Co tiaras, brides from all four corners of the world adorn Halo & Co which offers us the inspiration to provide an unrivalled understanding of what makes the optimum headpiece.

Halo & Co is practice what preach by making creations that are fresh, modern and relevant to women today.

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  • Halo and Co Ferrara 2Halo and Co Ferrara 2
  • Halo and Co MatildaHalo and Co Matilda
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Bianco Evento and Sasso Bridal Accessories 

Highly recommended and widely featured in national top bridal magazines, SASSO bridal offer a wide collection of marabou feather jackets, wraps and stoles, gloves and bespoke vintage wedding hair accessories. Handcrafted and dispatched in luxury SASSO bridal signature gift packaging available from O'Briens Bridal Couture. 

We can order any items from Bianco Evento collection for you

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