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Modeca and Le Papillon by Modeca


This elegant 2017 bridal collection from Modeca has landed, and the designs are beautifully on-trend with figure-flattering silhouettes and breath-taking detailing – bridal gowns don’t get much more gorgeous than this. Here you can see “Dutch Design” coming to life.
The 2017 Modeca Collection scores with romantic designs and stunning A-line gowns, including shiny styles as well as sophisticated simplicity. Of course you will find again the typical “Modeca handwriting” here, as well as a totally new fashion approach with clean and straight shapes and clean lines. This collection also carries dresses with amazing tattoo-effects but for 2017 Modeca is also presenting designs with fantastic 3-D-elements which are simply stunning.

Le Papillon by Modeca

The Le Papillon by Modeca collection gowns are bridal perfection, showcasing wow-worthy styles and chic, on-trend design. Each one features luxurious lace, whether it’s on the bodice or head to toe, for an elegant finish. Embracing the understated elegance and the finesse of classic style, this line still concentrates on gorgeous lace and stretch lace dresses but also shows elegant designs with fuller and richer skirts. Focusing on detailed embroidery, especially Le Papillon by Modeca comes along with a high-end approach, focusing in beading and glamour which is making a difference to everything else. You’re guaranteed to feel gorgeous in one of these sophisticates, feminine silhouettes.

  • Wedding dress by Le Papilon by Modeca_2019_Esmee_aWedding dress by Le Papilon by Modeca_2019_Esmee_a
  • Wedding dress by Le Papilon by Modeca_2019_Esmee_backWedding dress by Le Papilon by Modeca_2019_Esmee_back
  • Wedding dress by Le Papilon by Modeca_2019_Esmee_frontWedding dress by Le Papilon by Modeca_2019_Esmee_front
  • Wedding dress by Modeca Arlet backWedding dress by Modeca Arlet back
  • Wedding dress by Modeca ArletWedding dress by Modeca Arlet
  • Wedding dress by Modeca TayraWedding dress by Modeca Tayra
  • Wedding dress by Modeca Tayra_backWedding dress by Modeca Tayra_back
  • Wedding dress by Modeca_2019_Damas_aWedding dress by Modeca_2019_Damas_a
  • Wedding dress by Modeca_2019_Damas_backWedding dress by Modeca_2019_Damas_back
  • Wedding dress by Modeca_2019_Damas_frontWedding dress by Modeca_2019_Damas_front
  • Wedding dresses Le Papillon by Modeca Tecla_backWedding dresses Le Papillon by Modeca Tecla_back
  • Wedding dresses Le Papillon by Modeca Tecla_frontWedding dresses Le Papillon by Modeca Tecla_front
  • Wedding dresses Le Papillon by Modeca Tecla_zoomWedding dresses Le Papillon by Modeca Tecla_zoom
  • Wedding dresses Modeca Tea_backWedding dresses Modeca Tea_back
  • Wedding dresses Modeca Tea_frontWedding dresses Modeca Tea_front
  • Wedding dresses Modeca Tea_zoomWedding dresses Modeca Tea_zoom
  • Wedding dresses Modeca TitiaWedding dresses Modeca Titia
  • Wedding dresses Modeca Titia_backWedding dresses Modeca Titia_back
  • Wedding dresses Modeca TreasureWedding dresses Modeca Treasure
  • Wedding dresses Modeca Treasure_backWedding dresses Modeca Treasure_back
  • Wedding dresses Modeca TulipWedding dresses Modeca Tulip
  • Wedding dresses Modeca Tulip_backWedding dresses Modeca Tulip_back
  • Wedding dresses by Modeca Alexia_aWedding dresses by Modeca Alexia_a
  • Wedding dresses by Modeca Alexia_backWedding dresses by Modeca Alexia_back
  • Wedding dresses by Modeca Alexia_front1Wedding dresses by Modeca Alexia_front1
  • Wedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty-bWedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty-b
  • Wedding dresses by Modeca DynastyWedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty
  • Wedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty_aWedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty_a
  • Wedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty_cWedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty_c
  • Wedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty_dWedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty_d
  • Wedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty_fWedding dresses by Modeca Dynasty_f
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